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Our Policies

Client must be home!

A fifty percent deposit of your total balance must be paid in order to secure your appointment date.
If your property is further than 30 miles within area code 21040, a $40 commuter fee will be added to your service.
Monthly Subscriptions require a 30 day notice , prior to a cancelation request. If you miss a monthly service cleaning , the cleaning will be added to the end of your subscription.
Monthly subscription contracts will be emailed after subscribing.
Appointments are confirmed via text messages the day before your appointment. If appointments are not confirmed from the text received by 6pm, your appointment for the following day will be automatically canceled. An $75 cancelation/rescheduled fee will be applied, if unable to cancel your appointment within 24hrs  .
Cancelation fee must be paid prior to rescheduling your appointment.
If you are not feeling well please reschedule.
Duration of Monthly service subscriptions are only up 3 hours and 30 minutes.

Groupon Clients

 Client Must be home!

Groupon's are only valid within 30 miles of area code 21040. Any Groupon purchased in an area more than 30 miles will be charged a $40 commuter fee.

If you are interested in services that are not offered on Groupon, feel free to request a booking directly on my site, in which fifty percent of your total balance is required to secure your appointment date.
If required to reschedule must notify 24 hours in advance, failure to notify in sufficient time manner of 24 hours or more,  an $75 cancelation fee will be applied.
Cancelation fee must be paid prior to rescheduling, your appointment.
If you are not feeling well please reschedule. 
Duration of Groupon will consist of 4 hours. 

If completion of services isn't done within the the 4 hours, another session will be required.

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